When starting a new game it is possible to select a one of several training modes.

Standard gameEdit

These modes are not yet ready. They follow the story, but only until 1000 kanji (in without kana mode). Once more episodes are added they will continue with more kanji.

The free version is restricted to only 200 kanji.

Standard (with kana)Edit

Starts with katakana, then hiragana before starting to teach kanji.

Standard (without kana)Edit

Skips kana training beginning immediately with kanji.

Supplementary TrainingEdit

Several storyless modes teaching katakana, hiragana and other.

Hard ModeEdit

Hard modes are adjusted to fit all the training material within the current story length. Available only in the full registered version.

Kanji recognitionEdit

Same as Standard (without kana), but with twice as many kanji in each testing area (making it 2000 at the end of story)

Best-Guess Kanji ReadingsEdit

One reading for each of nearly 2000 kanji, mostly on-readings. Good as best guess reading in unfamiliar word or to type in kanji in an online dictionary.

Special Word ReadingsEdit

About 1350 single-kanji words, mostly kun-readings. These are the most common exceptions from best-guess readings.

Regular Word ReadingsEdit

About 1600 compound words (multiple-kanji words), with mostly on-readings.


Mostly storyless trainings that don't fit elsewhere. Available only in the full registered version.