The toolbag is an optional item that doubles Jenk's inventory space by creating a seperate menu for tools. The blacksmith on Ytlin island will offer to make it after Jenk has acquired the Ceremonial Glaive .


This item will take up a single space in Jenk's inventory, and it will contain all of Jenk's equipable tools, creating more inventory space.

When used, it will give the options to equip or drop tools. This means that the "Equip Items" option on the menu will no longer do anything, as all the equipable items will be in the toolbag instead.

How to Get ItEdit

First acquire the Ceremonial Glaive. Then visit the blacksmith with the required items. He will need:

  1. Potatoe -found in the hills as a "lumpy stone."
  2. Salt -found in the mountains as a "salty rock."
  3. Rockfish -found in the mountains