Silvebeard II
Pirate character
Title Pirate
Island Jagaimo Island
Location Village
Episode 1

The Pirate: Silvebeard II

Pirate conversation

The Pirate talking with Jenk

The Pirate, Silvebeard II, is present from the beginning of the game.

Interaction with JenkEdit

Jenk can talk with the Pirate at any time. He will share stories about his adventures and give directions as to how to locate the Island of Slimes. He also states that he is tired of his ship and offers to sell it for "all the gold you can carry." (99,999 Gold) Jenk must buy the Pirate's ship in order to sail to the other side of the world to find the princess.

After rescuing the Princess, the Pirate disappears, and the townspeople start hinting that he's not to be trusted.