Kitchen oil is the first of a series of items that Jenk can buy for his brother to use.

How to UseEdit

Take the item to Jenk's brother and talk to him. He will then use it to improve the meals available at the hut fire. These items improve the effects of the meal on Jenks health. As the meals improve, Jenks health will be restored to greater than 100%.

List of ItemsEdit

  • kitchen oil
    • Price: 10 Gold
    • Makes: fried potatoes
    • Restores health: 101%
  • salt
    • Price: 50 Gold
    • Makes: salt potato chips
    • Restores health: 103%
  • seeds
    • Price: 100 Gold
    • Makes: potato-vegetable soup
    • Restores health: 107%
  • chicken
    • Price: 500 Gold
    • Makes: eggs and hash browns
    • Restores health: 110%
  • spices
    • Price: 1000 Gold
    • Makes: spicy potato hash
    • Restores health: 116%
  • pig
    • Price: 2000 Gold
    • Makes: bacon and eggs
    • Restores health: 121%
  • fishing rod
    • Price: 5000 Gold
    • Makes: fish
    • Restores health: 122-126%

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