Jagaimo is Japanese for potato.



Jagaimo Village

Jagaimo Village has several interesting objects. In 3 chests around the village, there is a total of 400 gold (though taking it may lead to negative consequences later on) and an amulet. There is also the pirate, who Jenk buys a ship from after the first dungeon. In addition to these, there is also the inn where Jenk may stay for 20 gold, and the shop with equipment for Jenk.


The shop contains several items for Jenk. The whistle can be used to make NPC's move much faster, sometimes getting them in the way, or out of the way. The herb is a one-use item that heals Jenk up to 100 health. Odaicon Blessing lets Jenk walk safely without risk of slime attacks for a short time (20-30 moves). Odaicon Circle can be used to create a safe camp anywhere (except in a dungeon/cave) to give Jenk an opportunity to rest and save the game, without slimes from stealing his gold. The Slime Shaker attract slimes, if slimes can be found where Jenk uses it. Shark Repellent...repels sharks? Lastly, the food item can be given to Jenk's brother, Kale, to boost healing from the fire at Jenk's house.



Jagaimo Castle

The castle is located in the top right corner of Jagaimo.  It contains many guards and villagers as well as the King, the Princess (after Jenk has saved her) and various diplomats. There is also a crazy old man who can get the Apparatus working and various chests containing lots of gold.


The dungeon is located on the bottom right of the island, past the forest.

In the standard game, the first 2 floors test knowledge of katakana (in kana mode) or the first 50 character of kanji (in no kana mode) and the last 2 floors test the knowledge of hirigana or 50 more character in kanji.

Important ItemsEdit

In order to proceed past the first 2 floors Jenk will need to acquire the Princess Ring and bring it back to the castle located above the dungeon.

This cave also contains Escape Twine, which instantly teleports the Jenk out of any cave.

Floor 1Edit


A map of the first dungeon

The farm hoe is a sufficent weapon for this floor. This floor contains:

Floor 2Edit

This floor is more complicated to navigate than the first one. It contains:

Floor 3Edit

The Battle Axe is required before head into the 3rd floor. This floor contains:

  • M - Slime battle

Floor 4Edit

This floor contains:

The 99,999 Gold is for the pirate to buy his ship.


  • When Jenk dies or sleeps at home, his stolen gold will be stored in the chest on the fourth floor of the dungeon labeled as Q. If the chest accumulates more than 99999 gold, however, this gold will be lost.
  • Though it's not required, it is recommended to take the amulet in the village before entering the dungeon to protect against magic damage.