Island of Slimes

Island of Slimes

This island, on the other side of the world from Jagaimo, can be reached immediately after buying the ship from the pirate. The 2nd cave is located on this island. This cave begins testing kana players on the first 100 Kanji, or it tests non-kana players on the next 100 Kanji.

Important ItemsEdit

In addition to large amounts of gold, this cave contains Artifacts which is required in order to find a later island and continue the story. This island will disappear after saving the Princess so it is important to get this Artifacts before saving the Princess. If you did not get the artifacts, talk to the girl with green hair next to the king on Jagaimo Island to receive them.

There is also 6,601 Gold to find.

Second CaveEdit

Floor 1Edit


A map of Cave 2

This floor contains:

Floor 2Edit

This floor contains:

  • F - Herb
  • G - 2,000 Gold
  • H - Slime battle

Floor 3Edit

This floor contains:

Floor 4Edit

This floor contains:

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