There is a lot that needs doing here. And you are welcome to help.

If you have not done so already, please register and sign-in. It's easy and makes for a better community. And there are awards for contributing if you are signed-in.

But before making any changes, become familiar with this wiki's Policy (still needs to be decided on) and how editing works here, then play with them in the sandbox. Also, join in on the wiki's Community-corner to discuss the development of this wiki.


To Do ListEdit

  • Register/sign-in.
  • Get involved with the Community-corner.
  • Find/determine a good way to deal with spoilers so our readers can get the help/info they want without getting too much.
  • Add to or complete Article stubs.
  • Look at the Uncategorized Pages and add them to the appropriate categories.
  • Add missing Islands.
  • Add missing Characters.
  • Add missing Episodes.
  • Add missing information and images to existing pages.