Episode 2
Story Span
Start Save the Princess completed
End Navigation Book interpreted
New in this Episode
Characters None
Islands Cat Island, SpoilerAlert[ Ytlin ]
Quests SpoilerAlert[ Ceremonial Glaive, Toolbag ]
Weapons SpoilerAlert[ Ceremonial Glaive ]
Clothes None
Tools SpoilerAlert[ Apparatus, Shovel, Wood Axe, Pick, Chankonabe, Sleeping Bag, Toolbag ]
Items twoleaf, trefoil, quatrefoil, cinquefoil
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No ShipEdit

Episode 2 begins where Episode 1 leaves off, with the conclusion of Jenks knighting and congratulatory dialog. If Jenk ventures out at this point he will find that he has no ship as it was left behind when he, with the Princess and party, were transported magically back to the castle. If Jenk returns back to talk to the King, he will given him a replacement, a small fishing boat. (That looks identical to the pirate ship.) Jenk does not need to leave the castle to trigger the dialog and gift.

Cat IslandEdit

Note: Cat Island seems to have been replaced by a sandy island.

Once Jenk has his a ship, he can travel the sea again. Returning back to where the Island of Slimes was, Jenk will find that the island is gone, and Cat Island has taken it's place. The island's shape is similar to a cat head. On the island, are some forests. Jenk can enter these forests and can find cats living there. These cats speak in katakana.

The ArtifactsEdit

If Jenk did not collect the artifacts from the cave on the Island of Slimes, then he can get them anyway by talking to the Princess, and she will give them to him.

Jenk then needs to take the artifacts to the sage in the castle. The sage will decipher their purpose and will assemble them into the Apparatus. The apparatus is an equipable tool.

Without Apparatus, Jenk will not be able to find the new island, and will not be able to continue his adventure.

New IslandEdit

With the Apparatus equipped, Jenk can use it(press enter) to see which way it points. (It points up/north.) Jenk can follow the apparatus to find the new island. This new island's name has been lost or forgotten by those who live there.

On the island, there is a village. This is a good place for Jenk to start. In the village, there is a store where new items are available in addition to the basics like the herb. twoleaf, trefoil, quatrefoil, and cinquefoil are multi-use versions of the herb. With each use, they decay to the next kind, until it becomes the herb.

A Quest for a New WeaponEdit

Talk to everyone in the village. Jenk needs to talk to the Mayor to trigger this quest. Follow the instructions given. (Go to see the Blacksmith) Then he will give you a list of things needed. General collection principle: Jenk needs to be on a forest square when he uses the tool. This will trigger a battle. At the end of the battle, Jenk will receive the item as part of the spoils of battle. Which item obtained is purely random, with weighted probabilities favoring the useless items.

The Wood Axe is in the farmer's hut. The Pick is in the Abandoned mine. Which looks like a village with no people. The Pick is in a building with no normal entrance. To get in, there is a missing roof square. Climb in. When all the items have been collected He will give Jenk the Ceremonial Glaive.

Optional QuestEdit

Hint: The Blacksmith said he was hungry. Hint2: Jenks needs to collect items from the hills and mountains to make a meal. When he has everything needed, talk to the Blacksmith. For full details of what is needed, see here

The CaveEdit

Return Home with the SpoilsEdit

This is the end of episode 2. Please continue with Episode 3.